4K Release as Explained by Michael Cioni


This article has been making the rounds after the release of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Michael Cioni has always been at the center of digital post processing, and now finds himself overseeing the release of the first Film release in full 4K.

Michael really does a good job of breaking the production down by the numbers- and they are really mind blowing! Here’s a few- though I do hope you can read the whole article..


“GDT is approximately 230,000 frames long.” (Do the math on the possible cost if this were Film)

“These files averaged out to be approximately 45MBs per frame. ”

“This comes to a little over 1GB per second of data. ”

(Yes you read that right- ONE GIGABYTE PER SECOND.)

Here’s a few more-

“In the case of GDT, the uncompressed elements were approximately 55 terabytes of total storage.  ”

“On the whole, that’s not that much storage-probably only around $25,000 worth of actual drives. ” :)haha..

This puts a pretty good perspective on the necessary production pipeline for the future of the film industry. I find it fascinating that the focus has become the actual data transfer speed, and not just storage capacity. This is actually where Red excels as well. Especially for 3d playback, etc. Thanks to Red- Cinema has worked its way to the very front of the line in setting demands on processing power and raw data transfer speeds.

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