Yes, Please.

You NEED to take a good hard look at this lens:

Why? Because it is changing the look of cinema. Really. It is a Wide Angle, T2.8, Full Frame Zoom. Yes- it even covers the Epic Sensor in 5k, and still shoots sharper than you can imagine. I must admit have been wanting this *Back ordered* lens for quite some time.

The Duclos Team has taken a good thing and made it even better- with it’s custom Cinema Mod, adding solid geared rings and a PL or Nikon mount. (They also managed to send the Ebay price of these Tokina lenses through the roof.) And it is so small! Just look at how beautifully it works with the Epic-

Ever since the Redrock Adapter became popular, the general consensus has seemed to be: Shallow Depth of Field= Professional. But when you have a camera capable of capturing 5K worth of usable resolution, it seems such a waste to use it all on Bokeh.

-Nothing demonstrated this better than seeing the images of Africa by helicopter in District 9. I believe that ever since than, audiences have started changing their opinions about what looks professional.. and projected in 4K, this lens is simply gorgeous. Just set it to infinity, and run around with the record button on.:) Here’s a Duclos Example-

With the Tokina 11-16, you open yourself up to an entire world. One with very wide, very sharp images. It works great for Timelapse, Nature, Architecture, and you can take it ANYWHERE. Think of it as cinema’s version of the GoPro. Although- you throw your Epic out of an airplane at your own risk.

As an added plus, it easily houses a set of Lee filters to the front with minimal vignetting, even at 11mm!!!

For Further info, here is an Evin Grant post about modding the Lee holder to fit Glass Filters-

There are also a ton of examples if you search Duclos or Tokina 11-16 on Vimeo.


Stephen B.


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