Holiday Update

1. The -Up For Grabs- page has been updated.

From one Ebay addict to another, I highly recommend keeping an eye on it. I will continue to try and update it regularly, but the last batch of stuff included several EPIC-X cameras for almost half price.( !?) One complete kit sold for under 12K.

This time I have added a few RED lenses, a Cinevised Tokina, and some great O’Connor gear. Check it out! then Bookmark it:)


2. Does anyone have any experience with TILTA gear?


I have been keeping an eye on their Matte Boxes and follow focus units for quite some time, and have seen surprisingly good reviews on their equipment. They have introduced a new wireless follow focus system, and I would be highly interested in a review from anyone who has used one. See here:

Their price point is really good, and they seem to be a huge professional step up from DSLR type gear- (REDROCK MICRO, etc.)

I am also a big fan of the wooden grips, as they tend to soften up and “wear in” over time.


3. Steadicam Page on its way.

I have almost finished rewiring/adapting my Steadicam flyer to work directly with RED DRAGON/EPIC, etc. I will look forward to posting results on the project over the new year.


4. is up and running.


Breatown is home base for me when networking or assisting others in projects. I am not much for HTML or coding, so I am proud of how it ended up, for the amount of time I put into it. The goal is to one day transform it into a fully fledged business page for my own studio.


5. Happy tenth year anniversary to RED! 

Hopefully you have seen Jim’s note to RED this week- it was nice to see him posting again!

With the exception of this guy. I guess there is always one out there;) (But what a strange thing to post.!?)


Dog years is correct, however. Anyone in the industry knows how hard it is to keep track of where we even were 2 -3 years ago. The 5 years I have been involved really does feel like a lifetime. (Anyone else remember shoulder mounting a RED ONE with a cradle, spinning hard drive, and RED Brick just a few years ago?) My apologies if you still are.. Ho Ho Ho.



Have a happy Holidays!



One thought on “Holiday Update

  1. says:

    Stephen –

    Interesting post. Though I don’t know all the technical things you write about, I enjoyed reading the post and it is good to know about the tenth anniversary for Red – and that you have been with the company for half of its existence!

    Love, Dad

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