Wait… What is a Balsley??

..I am! That’s me up there with my Great-at-Putting-Up-with-everything-Wife Meagan. I like to think she couldn’t be prouder of the name Balsley. Though I am probably wrong..

Maybe I should add a photo of my son, Ryan as well:) Although he is teething, so maybe once all the drool clears up, I will do just that.

I spend most of my time working as a Emergency Medical (Support) Technician at Red Digital Cinema, and spend the other few hours on REDUSER (reading, never posting), Filming around OC and LA, Communicating with anyone interested in speaking to me, and conceptualizing the greatest Epic system the World has ever seen. (not really.)

I also change a lot of diapers.


-The Site-

This site is designed for Epic and Scarlet Camera Owners. Being on the cutting edge is very hard work. Cinema and DSLR are in the midst of a head-on collision, an all of the Pieces are being mixed up, mismatched, and constantly redefined. No one knows exactly what things will be like on the other side. Though it will probably look something more like the combination of a tank  and a mini cooper. Assuming the mini-cooper can hold its own..

There are multiple blogs written from the DSLR User’s perspective- heading towards the direction of Cinema. This page is no different- I’m just on the side of the tank.

By the way..

This page is NOT in any way affiliated with any camera company. Or Ebay for that matter:)


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