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Discovering the Canon 400mm R-SET F4.5

Every once in a while, something really cool will make it’s way to my desk. Most people know of my fondness for older lenses, so it was a nice surprise to find this on my desk this week:

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A friend’s Grandfather had passed away and left him with this Canon 400mm r-set f4.5. Fairly good condition, considering the age.

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Oddly enough,  I was not able to locate much documentation of the lens online- (so let me know if you are aware of any additional information on it!)

Here are some additional photos you may find interesting.

The bellows first caught my attention. They were in great condition, and were easily removable from the lens itself, so they could probably mount well to other lenses as well. They extended a good 8-10 inches:

unnamed (8)unnamed (9)

Loved the nice smooth 15 Blade Iris! (Notice the mount type- likely a Canon FL?)

And removable filter tray:

unnamed (10)unnamed (5)

And check out the Lens sight/viewfinder on this thing! Along with the long metal hood, it certainly added quite a bazooka-like look to the lens:

unnamed (6)unnamed (7)

So what’s the fun of having a lens if you don’t at least try and mount it to Dragon? I do not happen to have a Canon FL-EF lens mount adapter on hand, but the lens was heavy enough that a few packets of post-it notes brought it to the proper height to line it up for at least a peek:)

unnamed (11)unnamed

And there you go- lens was in focus, and easily covered the sensor at 6K FF. This is a Scarlet Box, around 16 feet away:

unnamed (13)

I may do additional tests or get it up on an actual lens projector, (after the purchase of a $10 Adapter) if anyone is interested. Feel free to make me an offer on the lens as well, if it fits your collection. Owner is definitely looking to sell.

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